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Hundreds of thousands of children and teens cope with different types of family crisis every day, such as conflicts in communication or trouble adapting to a new environment. Other crisis can be as severe as psychological, physical and sexual abuse. Some children are abandoned or thrown out of their homes and others will flee on their own. These youth need a stable, nurturing environment – one that enables them to have a life that does not involve the justice system or an endless cycle of abuse, crime, addiction and despair.

Annually, Miami Bridge shelters more than 1,000 children and teens in need and counsels more than 550 families. Additionally, Miami Bridge oversees community counseling for truancy prevention among youth in crisis and works directly with families and schools to provide specialized support. By becoming a supporter, you can help us break the cycle and allow these children and teens to begin living productive, meaningful lives. Even the smallest amount of time volunteered or contribution to our cause can make an impact and change lives.  Help us give more families solutions, alternatives and, most of all, help us give them hope.