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Emergency Shelter Care

When kids need a place to go, The Bridge is there to provide respite care in its two emergency shelter facilities. We serve more than 500 children in the shelter program each year.

When parents and teens need some personal space to gain greater objectivity, Miami Bridge’s residential services provides respite shelter. When youth run away from family situations characterized by abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, Miami Bridge’s shelters are here to provide safe haven. When the child welfare system has no appropriate community-based homes available to provide domicile for dependent adolescents, Miami Bridge’s shelters are here to nurture and provide essential services.

Our doors are open day and night to receive children in need of immediate shelter. But we offer so much more than 40 available beds. We provide counseling, case management, a formal academic education program, mental health and substance abuse prevention services, youth development activities, life-skills education, and recreation.

Miami Bridge’s Emergency Shelter program helps youth gain personal insight, develop new coping skills, and adopt more positive behavior patterns that will aid them in returning home or to a new foster care placement. The CINS/FINS best practice program is funded by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Office of Prevention and Victim Services. The core value is to return the youth to the community with resiliency skills to gain success and become positive influences in their community. Some youth return to their families or extended families, while others may be placed in foster care or independent-living care based on the timeline for them to age out of the system at 18.

The emergency shelters offer:   

  • A safe haven for eligible kids, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Formal on-site education program with certified Miami-Dade County Public Schools teachers
  • Structured daily living programs employing positive behavior modification techniques
  • Mental-health counseling
  • Life-skills groups to promote responsibility and independence
  • Substance-abuse prevention services
  • Family reunification services and case management
  • Activities such as arts and crafts and music to promote positive youth development
  • Health-care coordination services to ensure access to medical treatment
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