The mission of Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services Inc. is to promote positive youth development and strengthen and support families to enable children to reach their full potential to become productive community members.


Our organization is driven by the vision of a community in which every child is able to access the full range of social, educational and institutional opportunities necessary to succeed in life.

We adhere to the philosophic tenet that strong and healthy families are the building blocks of our society. A society is judged by the manner in which it cares for its most vulnerable members. We believe the barometer that measures the level of future community prosperity is the well-being of today’s children.


Miami Bridge’s services are designed to assist families in opening lines of communication, enabling parents and guardians to develop the skills necessary to assume the responsibility of providing guidance and structure for their children while empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary to redirect at-risk children.

Our youth development services provide opportunities for youngsters to discover their strengths and talents, set personal goals, make positive choices and develop the strength and resiliency necessary to successfully overcome the challenges that confront them.

To demonstrate our commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of youth and families, we provide the “Miami Bridge Code of Guiding Principles,” which was adopted by our Board of Directors in 1997. This Code of Guiding Principles details our commitment to providing services that are result-oriented, child/family centered, customer driven, performance-based and community-based.