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A designated National Safe Place

Miami Bridge is utilized by the community as the axis point of all Miami-Dade County efforts in dealing with kids in crisis who are runaways, truant, homeless or having issues at home. In Miami-Dade County, we are the only emergency home serving kids ages 10 to 17. At the Bridge, we provide a full range of services including in-shelter counseling, field trips, in-home counseling and reunification with family.




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A small donation to Miami Bridge Youth & Family Services, Inc. will help us deliver programs and services that promote positive youth development, strengthen and support families in need and enable children and teenagers to actualize their full potential to become productive members of their community.

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Words from our Youth

“Miami Bridge has had a huge impact on my life so far within the weeks I’ve been here. I’ve learned skills that every person needs in order to keep up a household and my social skills became much better with people such as talking and just getting along with others. I learned how to clean and own up to my responsibility and handle things myself. Miami Bridge has taught me life skills I will use forever and I thank everyone for being there for me.”

– John, 17

“Miami Bridge has changed my life since I been here by taking responsibility for situations, doing chores, getting along with others. Since I was raised up being the only child. I enjoy the family vibes and the fun outings. Miami Bridge has taught me how to be kind to others and how to distract myself from my problems at home. I also learned how to respect staff members and also the proper way to act in public. I have a lot of fun here with the other kids here.”

– Stacey, 16

“The Bridge has been a one of a kind experience. I learn how to work with people and not be selfish and also how to be courteous, I also learn that by helping others it always comes back to me. Now I know how to deal with my anger by not letting things get to me. I think about something before I do because it’s not only affecting me but the people around me.”

– Caleb, 14

“I learned a lot of stuff, I learned discipline and respect. I learned how to be responsible and how to do things without people telling me. I really enjoy group and getting things off my chest. I also enjoy the activities like playing basketball.”

– David, 17

“My experience at the Miami Bridge are good. I like it here for the fact that it keeps me out of trouble and since I been here I learned how to control my anger. I also learned and realized that I can do so much more in a positive way and that I have so much help in this community. Jose, my counselor, has been a big help in my time here because he showed me and taught me how to be positive and how to stay in a positive attitude. Also that I have a character and how not to step out of my character.”

– Diego, 17

“The Miami Bridge has been very beneficial to both me and my mom. I came to the Miami Bridge with terrible communication skills. After my first week at the Bridge, I was already getting the help I needed. Talking to Ms. Antoinette, who I consider my second mother, has made me understand certain things teenagers won’t understand coming from their parents. Ms. Antoinette and my counselors are also helping me voice my opinion better. Instead of shutting down and keeping everything to myself, I now have people to vent to and people who are going to give great advice. I am confident that the day I leave the Miami Bridge, my communication skills will be fixed and I will know how to handle situations with my mom.”

– Amanda, 17

“I am a client here at the Miami Bridge and my two weeks so far have been amazing. People think it’s like a punishment but honestly it’s like a family. We do everything together, nobody should ever feel left out. It’s where to the point the staff isn’t even staff, it’s like having mom’s and dad’s and I am 16 years old and never had a father figure so it’s hard for me to say that I see father figures. The field trips are always something new. I love the seconds I stop and think about how it feels like I have brothers and sisters. I’m grateful for what I’ve found and it’s a blessing to find a family like this.”

– Katie, 16

“Before I came to Miami Bridge, I had no one on my side. I was lonely, sad, mad and hopeless. The reason why I am here is cuz my caretaker couldn’t care for me no more. She said she has her own responsibilities – her own child and her own restaurant – and she can’t waste her money on food and clothes for me so she called DCF and told them that… I was sooooo close to going to foster care but my caretaker felt bad for me so she did something. She found out about the Bridge where they take care of you and there’s good food and everyone treats you nicely.”

– Jade, 13

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